Allen Moore on Donzi March 22, 2014

1958 Knarr “Arbor Love” – for sale $7,200

August 12, 2013


Full sail Knarr

Special note – Arbor Love is an American Knarr offered at $7,200: Contact info: kyleonard62(at) This 1st video is of the hull and deck outside and inside: This next video shows sails, mast, rigging, cushions, some extra hull footage: Arbor Loves, as an American Knarr she is a bit unusual. Around the mid 1950s a […]

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Oak Orchard Harbor – 1960s

December 6, 2011


Oak-Orchard Archbald from Helicopter wide shot

The aerial photo of Oak Orchard was taken by Ed Archbald from a helicopter in the fall of 1964. The picture is part of Bill Vosteen’s collection, and he notes that the water level at that time was about a foot below normal. The picture above is of my grandfather Allen Moore at the helm […]


Cottages of Oak Orchard on the Lake

August 4, 2011


Map of property 1900

The Lake has take back quite a bit of land from the days when this map was recorded. My grandparents would talk of the time when the road "Lake Ave." ran in front of the cottages.

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Dwight Bliss Recordings

March 27, 2011



In March 2008, I sat down with Dwight Bliss at his home in Hamlin, N.Y., and recorded his memories of growing up in Charlotte, N.Y.

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Scram II – 1939 Chris Craft 15 1/2′ Runabout – Video Updates

December 27, 2010


Scram bow wave low res for feature

In about 1978 or 79, my dad bought the 15 1/2 foot Chris Craft that we named Scram II. My grandfather Allen Moore had the original Scram at Oak Orchard back in the late 30's, and enjoyed the little runabout. The boat was in pretty good shape...

Robert E. Waters – Point Breeze Snipe No. 3458

December 7, 2010


Bob Waters Snipes at Archbald's for media file

My snipe was number 3458, and I went to a great deal of trouble to get a light blue paint formula from Charlie Harrison of Olcott Yacht Club. His gorgeous yacht, the Stormy Petrel, used it and I was jealous. He kindly furnished it to me and I very carefully put together all the color ingredients. "Those were the days!"


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