Oak Orchard Harbor and Light

In 1867 a grant of $87,000.00 was made to the port. Two piers, each 1600 feet in length, the lighthouse, the keeper’s house, and an elevated walk over one of the piers to the lighthouse were constructed by 1871. Once completed, this structure was recorded as U.S. Light List Number 2365, and was visible for nine miles. … Read More Oak Orchard Harbor and Light


Emeraude Cal 2-27

These are pictures from the last mark during the last of three races of the Oak Orchard Yacht Club 2010 Invitational Regatta. We had come from way back in the pack under spinnaker and charged up to the mark. We lucked out and caught a changing breeze… [Read more…]Read More Emeraude Cal 2-27


Mischief was purchased by my grandfather – the transom had been blown apart by an explosion in the gas tank. I have the dashboard from this boat today… … Read More Mischief


Snipes at Oak Orchard Yacht Club: Updated 12-14-10

OOYC sailed Snipes from the late 1930s up into the 1960s. The Oak Orchard Yacht Club of today has long forgotten its Snipe racing past… … Read More Snipes at Oak Orchard Yacht Club: Updated 12-14-10


Hard Water – on the Ice

My grandfather’s ice boat that was used on the canal. The engine is a single cylinder Harley Davidson motorcycle engine. He hand carved the propeller… … Read More Hard Water – on the Ice


Chris-Craft “Rocket” Update Dec. 5, 2010

George Irvine stated, “Rocket was a Chris Smith’s collaboration with Gar Wood. I would say the Engine alone today would be worth more than a hundred thousand dollars complete in any condition…” [Read more…]Read More Chris-Craft “Rocket” Update Dec. 5, 2010


The Hydroplanes

A small but exciting ride on a three-point hydroplane. The last hydro built was by Peter Standhart in the late 1970s… … Read More The Hydroplanes