The Hydroplanes

This is a picture of my dad, “Spike” Leonard on Keuka Lake in the late 50s in his first hydroplane.



The picture below is of a three-point hydroplane that my dad built behind our rented apartment on North St. in Geneseo in 1963.¬† I would later try driving it in about the mid 1970s with some degree of success. The Chris-Craft outboard had survived in a crawl space under my grandmother’s lake-house. I remember my dad driving down to see if it was still there; much to my surprise he brought it home. We cleaned it up and it ran well a couple of times.

3 Point Hydro in Geneseo

About 30 years later my cousin Peter Standhart would build his own hydroplane in his parent’s basement. Supplied with an engine from our grandfather Allen Moore, he brought it up to Oak Orchard. Below is a picture of me pulling on the starter chord -probably after Peter got tired of pulling on it himself. Peter can be seen behind the boat in shallow water. My grandfather Allen watches from shore¬† along with my grandmother behind him. Further behind them can be seen Peter’s dad Harry Standhart, and in front is my brother Dana. I would imagine this picture was taken in the early fall of 1979.


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