Scram II – 1939 Chris Craft 15 1/2′ Runabout – Video Updates

On July 10, 1980, my dad bought the 15 1/2 foot Chris Craft that we named Scram II. My grandfather Allen Moore had the original Scram at Oak Orchard back in the late 30’s, and enjoyed the little runabout. The boat was in pretty good shape, and my dad stripped and refinished the topsides, along with removing the engine to replace bearings and rings.  In the summer of ’80 I had just finished my Junior year of high school and remember motoring up and down the creek and out into the lake for some very fun rides. The day these black and white pictures were taken, I was taking my friend Scott Brown out for his first ride on Scram II. I decided to cruise down to Johnson’s Creek to check-out the little inlet. I lined up on the opening of Johnson’s Creek and was thinking I was in some good water, but the sound of a bronze propeller hitting large lake stones is a sound and feeling one never forgets. I remember putting the engine in neutral and Scott and I jumping over the side of Scram II to push her back into deeper water. The ride back to Oak Orchard was not fun because there was no hiding the fact that I had rounded-over the tips of the three-bladed prop; the vibration was not good. Kids…

Dad hangs the track for the new door.

Well, that was over thirty years ago so hopefully I’m smarter today. I was looking at old pictures of boats at Oak orchard at the end of Summer 2010, and started thinking about how much fun it would be to get Scram back in the water. Our family friend, George Irvine has invited us up to Clayton, and that triggered the call to my dad to see if he wanted to take Scram II up to the 2011 boat show. He was excited, but reminded me that Scram was in the back corner of his sixty foot pole-barn at Oak Orchard with a number of other beautiful wooden boats packed in front. He thought we would have to wait until the ground froze hard enough to move things around – not the easiest thing to do. The next day he called me up and said he was going to cut a new door in the back corner and pull Scram out.

My brother-in-law Brian standing by Scram II.

A couple weeks before Christmas 2010, my dad and I cut the back out of the pole-barn and removed Scram II. All went pretty smoothly and we were done in about three hours. I think we were both more than a little surprised by how nice Scram looked after over thirty years tucked away in a barn. The squirrels had filled the bilge full of walnuts, but other than that she looked pretty good. The license plate on the trailer showed that it was registered in 1981 – the old blue and yellow plate has been reissued, so the plate looked like brand new. The boat made the hour-long trip back to Mom and dad’s home were the restoration has begun. Our goal: Have Scram II ready for the 2011 Clayton, N.Y. Antique Boat Show.


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