Dwight Bliss Recordings

In March 2008, I sat down with Dwight Bliss at his home in Hamlin, N.Y. and recorded his memories of growing up in Charlotte, N.Y. Dwight recounts how he was able to enter WWII at the age of fifteen as a Merchant Mariner; Dwight assumed the identity of Ronald B. Coyle (the B. was for Bliss) with forged paperwork. The real Ronald Coyle was a friend of Dwight’s that crewed on the 126′ Coast Guard Cutter “Jackson” built in Wisconsin. Dwight’s friend Ronald Coyle went down with the “Jackson” during a hurricane off of Hatteras in 1943 with all the crew lost. Dwight stated that at the age of fifteen he knew that he did not want to” sit this one out.” Eventually this recording will be added to images from Dwight’s collection to make a video archive. Until the second half of Dwight’s life is recorded this spring, I’ll post the audio here for anyone interested.

Link to mp3


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