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At the helm of Scram II in 1980

I have come to Oak Orchard every summer of my life, and in a large part that has helped defined who I am.  I want to make Our Boating Life a place for the old memories and current happenings in Oak Orchard and Point Breeze to exist. Although I have only spent summers at Oak Orchard on the Lake, I feel it is the place where I grew up; it is my true home. Many people I know feel the same way about this small place. It has a pull.

If you happen across this page on you searches through the web and have memories about your time here, please feel free to comment. Your recollections will enrich our collective connection to this small place.

Best regards,

Kyle Allen Leonard

Out on the lake in Scram II - 1980

One thought on “About the author

  1. ahoy Kyle, Is anyone up there working on the dredging of the channel problem? We here on Fair Haven bay are seeking allies in our search for a stable long term source of public or private funding. We’re interested in federal state or county level interactions.
    What if anything is happening down your way?
    Also who down there has a financial interest in keeping your channel open? I”m collecting names to develop a mailing list- thinking mostly of businesses like marinas, charter people etc. Also maybe yacht club members?
    you can e mail me at susan@silverwaters.com
    or sarab@brownroad.com

    Hope you are well. We have Sara B back in after a two year lay up. Maybe we’ll be back down your way next summer ( if we can get out of our bay!)

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